Once you have chosen your Belico light, you have a huge number of finishes to choose from.

Please see our non exhaustive range below.

Would  you like a different finish, don’t hesitate to contact us as we will be able to bespoke it to your requirement

Please note your chosen finish in the comment box in your cart .

Finish Type 1 :

Traditional Black

Type 1 Traditional Black




Finishes Type 2 : Single Colour

Matt Cream

Type 2  Matt Cream




Gloss White

Type 2 Gloss White




Matt White

Type 2 Matt White




Pastel Blue

Type 2 Pastel Blue




Pastel Green

Type 2 Pastel Green




Lime Green

Type 2 Lime Green




Bright Red

Type 2 Bright Red





Type 2 Maroon




Matt Copper

Type 2 Matt Copper





Type 2 Orange





Type 2 Gold




Gunship Grey

Type 2 Gunship Grey





Type 2 Nickel




Satin Chrome

Type 2 Satin Chrome





Type 2 Rusty





Type 2 Bronze




Gloss Black

Type 2 Gloss Black




Gun Metal

Type 2 Gun Metal






Type 3 : Base Colour with Patina

Copper On White

Type 3 Copper On White




Gold On Cream

Patina Gold on Cream




Gold On White

gold on white




Dark Gold    

Type 3 Dark Gold




Dark Copper

Type 3 Dark Copper




Hammered Copper

Type 3 Hammered Copper




Hammered Silver

Type 3 Hammered Silver




Silver And Gold

Type 3 Silver And Gold




Vert De Gris 

Type 3 Vert De Gris




Type 3 : Natural Steel Lacquered

Blued Steel

Type 4 Blued Steel




Polished and Lacquered

Type 4 Polished and Lacquered


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